Thursday, October 4, 2012

C4K Summary for September

C4K #1

For C4K #1, I was assigned to Ofa's blog. Ofa attends Pt England School in Auckland, NZ, and she is in Ms. Ouano's fifth grade class. In Ofa's post, she described how Tunnel Beach was named after John Cargill. She gave details about why it was named Tunnel Beach, and she drew a colorful picture that she shared on her blog. In my comment to Ofa, I first began by introducing myself and letting her know I was in college at the University of South Alabama. I thanked her for sharing the information about John Cargill with us because I did not know that is where Tunnel Beach got its name from. I told her how pretty her picture was and to keep up the great work. In hopes of starting a conversation, I asked her if she had ever been to Tunnel Beach before. I concluded by letting her know how excited I was to continue reading her posts.

C4K #2

The movie Brave
For C4K #2, I was assigned to Grace's blog. Grace is in Mr. Marks' sixth grade class at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. In Grace's post, she described what she had done the past weekend. She explained that her cousin came over for the weekend, and they had lots of fun together going to see the movie "Brave." They also went swimming and played on the trampoline. She was excited to be able to play and hang out with her cousin. In my comment to Grace, I began by introducing myself and explaining that I was in college in the United States of America. I praised her for her colorful and fun blog, and I told her that it seemed like she had a wonderful time over the weekend. I explained that I also loved doing activities like going to the movies and going swimming. I told her that I had not seen the movie "Brave" before, and in hopes of getting a response back, I asked her if she enjoyed the movie. I concluded by thanking her for the wonderful post, and I let her know to keep up the great work.

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