Monday, December 3, 2012

Project #13

Final Report on Collaboration

Group Spring Flowers
Using collaborative tools was essential for our group's success for Project #15, the second part of the SMARTboard instruction. Sara Kinney, Jenna Barnes, and I used many of the tools Dr. Strange suggested in order to complete our project. Since we were not allowed to meet face to face to plan our project, we relied heavily on the collaborative tools. The main ones we used were Google Docs, Google Presentation, group texts, and Skype. It was so nice to be able to share a Google doc and presentation with one another because we were able to keep up with the work each member was putting forth towards our project. We were able to add and edit our presentation without ever having to meet face to face. Group text messages were also a life saver because we were able to communicate with each other in a very simple yet vital way. I am so thankful to Dr. Strange and EDM310 for introducing me to these collaborative tools; these tools can completely change and improve the way group projects are conducted. I am also thankful for my awesome group and for all of their hard work and dedication for each project we did this semester!

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