Monday, November 26, 2012

C4K Summary for November

C4K #8

Noah's Ark America's Largest Waterpark
For C4K #8, I was assigned to Dakota's blog. Dakota is an 8th grade student in Mr. Boylen's class located in Iowa. I read her post entitled "Noah's Ark," which I learned is deemed as "America's Largest Waterpark." Dakota is a fabulous writer, and she uses very descriptive and vivid language and details. In her post, she took us through her day at Noah's Ark. She talked about how fun all of the different rides were, and she described the feelings she felt as she slid down each slide. She used a lot of dialogue throughout her story, which made it personal and enjoyable to read. She concluded her story by telling us how much she enjoyed her day and how thankful she was for having the opportunity to go. In my comment to Dakota, I began by introducing myself and letting her know I was a student in EDM310. I praised her for how well she writes, and I told her how much I enjoyed her descriptive details. I also told her that I too love going to water parks, and I described how much fun everyone always has riding all of the different slides. I let her know that her story had me so interested in Noah's Ark that I looked it up on Google to see all of the different rides she described. After seeing all of the awesome pictures, I can definitely see why she had such an enjoyable day. I ended my comment by telling her to keep up the great work and that I looked forward to reading more of her posts in the future.

C4K #9

Napoleon Bonaparte
For C4K #9, I was assigned to Aaron's blog. Aaron is in Mr. Cometti's 9th grade IB World History class. I read his post entitled "Napoleon Bonaparte." For this particular assignment, Mr. Cometti's class was required to select one chapter or event from the life of Marie Antoinette or Napoleon Bonaparte and write a minimum of four paragraphs. They were also required to provide at least one picture and link to the chapter or event they were summarizing. Aaron did a great job with his post about Napoleon! He met all of the requirements Mr. Cometti set out before the class. He included many details about Napoleon and events that happened at various ages during his lifetime. He talked about how Napoleon was in the military, how he fought battles, how he was exiled, and about his home life. In my comment to Aaron, I began by introducing myself and letting him know I was a student in EDM310. I then told him how much I enjoyed reading his post about Napoleon. I told him that he included great facts, many of which I had never heard before. I went on to describe how one fact he mentioned, how Napoleon was shipped to a new place where he barely knew the language and was only nine years old, really grabbed my attention. I told Aaron how scary I thought that must have been for Napoleon, especially as such a young age. I concluded by letting him know once again how great of a writer he was and that he included great descriptive details. I told him that since I was studying to become an English teacher, I always enjoy reading a nice piece of writing. I ended by telling him to keep up the great work and that I looked forward to reading more of his posts.

C4K #10

No Cell Phones Allowed Sign
For C4K #10, I was assigned to LaKavia's blog. LaKavia is a student in Mrs. Jamie Lynn Martin's 10th grade English class. I read her post entitled "10 Lies at BCHS" (BCHS stands for Baldwin County High School). Her list read as follows: Bullying Is Not Allowed, No Listening To Music In Mrs. Martin's Class, BCHS Will Win Every Game, No Food Is Allowed In The Building, No Cell Phones, No Gum, In Geometry We Will Be Using Flip The Strip, Don't Be Late To Class, They Will Block Sites,Drug Free. I began my comment to LaKavia by introducing myself as a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I let her know how much I enjoyed reading her post and how interesting I thought her list of ten lies at BCHS was. I then told her that the two lies that stuck out the most to me were "No Cell Phones" and "No Gum." I described to her that many people at my high school struggled with these two rules and that many broke these rules on a daily basis. I told her that the consequence for not following these rules ended with detention after school. In hopes of starting a conversation with LaKavia, I asked her what her school's policy was if someone breaks one of the rules she listed. I concluded my comment by telling her that I look forward to reading more of her posts and to keep up the great work.

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