Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

Teamwork makes the dream work
My group, Spring Flowers, is so excited to start working on the final Project #16. Our group consists of Sara Kinney, Jenna Barnes, and myself. We chose to create a 10-15 minute movie that will help future EDM310 students understand and survive the wonderful world of EDM310. This is a class like no other, and our group wants to demonstrate just what it takes to be successful throughout the entire semester of EDM310. We have all been discussing and throwing around ideas for Project #16, but we have not set in stone exactly what all we want to do yet. We are planning to meet this week to begin filming, and we have been utilizing many of the tools Dr. Strange has suggested to keep in touch with one another. We plan to incorporate many of the different areas of technology we have learned about this semester into our project because we want to illustrate just how vital technology is not only to this class but also to our futures as educators. I am so thankful for my awesome group members and all of their hard work. I can't wait to film our final project and show off just how much we have learned this semester in EDM310!

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