Monday, November 5, 2012

C4K Summary for October

C4K #3

Squirrel playing in leaves
For C4K #3, I was assigned to "mholmes" blog. Unfortunately, this child had not posted anything, so I chose Sopkos954 blog to comment on instead. Sopkos954 (her name was not provided) attends Union Pleasant Elementary in Hamburg, New York, and she is in Mr. Wirth's 4th grade class. In her post, she had two paragraphs describing her writing; one was before she revised, and the other was after she revised. Her story was entitled "Scared for Nothing," and she described a time when she was picking fruits and vegetables in her garden. She suddenly heard a noise and became frightened. Come to find out, the noise was only a squirrel scampering along in the fall leaves. In my comment to Sopkos954, I began by telling her I was a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I let her know how much I enjoyed reading her post, and I told her she did a great job revising her story. I also let her know how creative of a writer she was and how descriptive her details were. I concluded by telling her that I looked forward to reading more of her posts and to keep up the great work.

C4K #4

Procrastinators unite tomorrow
For C4K #4, I was assigned to Wallen's blog. He is a 12th grade student in a fully online 12th grade AP U.S. & Comparative Government & Politics course at Oregon Episcopal School. In Wallen's post, he discussed how procrastination affects his life. He mentioned how it had been difficult keeping up with all of his assignments since this was the first fully online class he had taken. He played soccer, so he described how it was hard to play a sport and maintain all of his schoolwork. He concluded by saying that he would search for the focus and determination it would take to do well in his classes and on the playing field. Since he is a senior in high school, his post was much longer than the other C4K assignments I've looked at thus far. In my comment to Wallen, I introduced myself as a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I told him I was a junior in college, so procrastination was something I personally dealt with on a daily basis as well. I also told him that I too played a sport in high school, so I could relate to how difficult it is to maintain your academics during a certain sport season. I praised him for his post, and I let him know that I thought he was certainly on the right track to conquering procrastination. I provided him with a few tips that has helped me stay on top of my schoolwork in college, and I encouraged him by telling him that he certainly was not alone in the battle against procrastination.

C4K #5

boy riding bike
For C4K #5, I was assigned to Dylan's Blog, who is a student in Mr. Capps' 3rd grade class in Gulf Shores, Alabama. In his post, Dylan wrote a short story about Saruni, a boy who loved helping his mother and father. Saruni helped his mother go to the market to get pumpkins and bananas, and his father helped him learn to ride a bike. Dylan described how Saruni wanted to buy a bike of his own, but the person selling the bike was mean and laughed at Saruni. In my comment to Dylan, I introduced myself and told him I was a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I praised him for his fantastic post, and I let him know how creative his story was. In hopes of starting a conversation with Dylan, I asked him if he had a bike he liked to ride, and I told him that I love riding my bike around my neighborhood. I concluded by telling him to keep up the awesome work and that I looked forward to reading more of his stories.

C4K #6

For C4K #6, I was assigned to Jake' blog. Jake is in Ms. Mclaughlin's 2nd grade class in Birmingham, Alabama. Jake posted an adorable picture of a monkey on his blog, and he described how monkeys can do many things. They swing from tree to tree, and they can eat all kinds of fruit, especially bananas. He also described how they sometimes even act crazy. In my comment to Jake, I praised him for choosing such a cute monkey for his picture. I let him know I was a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama, and I told him how great his post was. In hopes of getting a response back from Jake, I asked him where he thought the monkey lived and how I bet the monkey loved to eat bananas like he described. I concluded by telling him to keep up the great work and that I looked forward to reading more of his posts.

C4K #7 Special Edition

C4K #7 was a special edition, and for this assignment, we looked at Dr. Vitulli's and Dr. Santoli's blog. Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli were in Ireland attending the Ireland International Conference on Education. I was assigned to their post "Attention Getters." In this post, Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli described the things they noticed, their attention getters, in Ireland that are both different and similar to that in the United States. One of the things they mentioned was how friendly the people in Dublin are. Though they experience southern hospitality at home, they were so delighted to be greeted with such hospitality there. They talked about how the bus system saved them lots of money and how the people there drive on the left side of the road. They were also very impressed with the food and deemed it as very yummy. They concluded by asking us if we had traveled anywhere internationally, and if so, what our attention getters were. In my comment to Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli, I told them how great it was that they were having a wonderful time and how interesting it is to see the differences and similarities between other places and the United States. In response to their question, I explained that I had recently traveled to St. John in the Virgin Islands. I let them know that some of my attention getters were the relaxed "island time" of the locals there, how they also drive on the left side of the road, and how delicious the food was. I was very excited that Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli responded to my comment on their post, and they thanked me for sharing my experiences in St. John.
People in Dublin, Ireland


  1. Your encouragment in your comments to these kids will stay with them for a very long time! Great job Claire!

    Stephen Akins